Baa Farke by Jas & Josh

We set off from East London early Saturday morning reaching Arley Rail Station in Wolverhampton at about 9:30am. We met Jas and josh there along with others slowly turning up. Being our first music video where we were included in the storyline. The location was a train platform, which had been one of the locations where Harry Potter was shot.

The storyline was based on Jas and Josh waiting for a train to get to a club gig, a group of dancers (Gabhru dance academy), and Ambassadors of Dhol. Everyone waiting for this train end up becoming restless from the delays, leading to a party on the platform!

Our experience first time acting properly for a music video was enjoyable thanks to the Ballistic Crew, The director and camera-crew gave us loads of advice and help on what to do, what kinds of expressions we had to have, and what kind of attitude we had to have on camera. There were many takes, and waiting around while trains kept arriving and departing, however being able to witness huge steam trains was brilliant. Our first scenes involved having to sit on the opposite side of the platform looking bored and tired of waiting, till we see what is going on on when people start dancing. We jump in spontaneously, interested and begin playing dhol on the platform while the party kicks off to BAA FARKE!

As the day progressed, we got to know the dancers well, making new connections and friends, having a good laugh with the Stationmaster who was polite and helpful as well. Our second Dhol scenes and bhangra dance group shots took place when it got dark; we got to make loads of noise and had a good time doing so. We left the location at about 11:30pm to make our way back to east London after our scenes were complete we set off for a long drive home.

The track BAA FARKE by Jas and Josh is definitely a club banger! The music video is frequently aired on Brit Asia TV and is also on Youtube and other asian music websites. It is also available to purchase on iTunes so grab your copy now!